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Do you work with kids?

All the time! We regularly work with kids of all ages on everything from physical injury to emotional confusion.  John spent 21 years in a high school locker room working with all sorts of issues and Krista has been a teacher and tutor since graduating college.


Do you work with couples?

Absolutely.  Couples get to hear what their partners are going through from a neutral perspective.  It opens up communication lines in a way they did not have before.


When you say "spiritual" do you mean religious?

No.   Spiritual is just spirit, or light, meaning without human interpretation. It is truth.  No judgement, no right or wrong. No should or should not.  Spiritual beliefs are not governed by man but seen as truth. No one is powerless, but many feel powerless.  No one is alone, but many feel alone.


What should I wear?

Wear whatever is most comfortable for you to be in while exercising, sitting or lying of the table for long periods.  We never know exactly what we will be doing so be comfortable.


Why don't you take insurance?

We don't like paperwork!  Also, insurance limits what we can do based on the diagnoses.  We also don't have billing codes and diagnostic codes that they use. By not billing insurance we can work on the neck to treat the foot or do a psychic healing or follow our intuition.  Insurance is very limiting to what you are allowed to treat.


What if the reason I want to come is not on your list?

It happens all the time.  The list is just a sample of what we work with but it would be too long to list everything we've worked with.  If it's an issue in your life, you can heal it.  All issues come down to the same core fears.

I'm a physical therapist or healer and want to incorporate some of your techniques into my practice.  

Do you do trainings?

Absolutely.  Just contact us to discuss setting up a class or series of classes.


Will you come and speak to our group?

Yes.  Contact us to discuss what specifically you are looking for and what you want out of it.


Where did you learn to do this?

We learned to see energy at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco.  From there we have learned from every client.  By listening to spirit and to our clients, and with the permission we give ourselves to "do whatever works" and not be bound by a diagnosis or specific beliefs (or by doctors or insurance companies), we are continually learning that anything is possible.


How are you allowed to work on spiritual matters as a physical therapist?

John has his master's degree in physical therapy and both John and Krista are ministers from the Church of Natural Grace where they completed the 2 year seminary learning to do psychic healing. The Church of Natural Grace is the church associated with the school Psychic Horizons.  The minister’s license lets them work with spiritual matters while the Master's of Physical Therapy lets John work on the body.  Krista has also obtained her Feng Shui certificate.

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