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"After a meditation with John, I feel like I've returned to who I really am, and I'm filled with clarity and excitement about myself and my life."

- Kerry, Chicago IL –


“In the four years I have been working with Holden Healing, every aspect of my life has been markedly improved.  I have healed past emotional pain for myself and my family, gotten off of medicine for anxiety and depression, started two successful businesses, hit my financial goals – and then set higher ones, got clarity on what it is that I truly want in life and the courage to go make it a reality, let go of relationships that weren’t serving me, have greatly reduced the feelings of overwhelm and worry, got pregnant despite an infertility diagnosis and past IVF attempts, written a book, released more fear than I can even recount, and so much more!  I am happier, lighter, more free, and able to love more deeply because of John’s incredible approach and the tools he has taught me.  I truly cannot recommend Holden Healing enough.”

- L.J. -


"I first came to see John about a single issue I was having, and ended up working with him and his techniques to transform many aspects of my life that had been holding me back.  I find his approach to meditation the most effective one I've ever tried."

- Jennifer, Los Angeles CA –


"In my very first session with John he helped me pinpoint and heal a specific episode in my childhood that caused me a lot of pain and subsequently affected all of my relationships. I am now able to recognize and let go of co-dependent behaviors, maintain healthy boundaries, and love on a deeper level. All of my past and current relationships have changed for the better, because John helped me heal my emotional scars from so long ago and gave me the spiritual tools to take charge of my life. "

– Jeni -


"Working with John opened the depth and wonder of myself to myself."

- Jay, Kona, HI -


"Take a journey with this magical teacher to the center of your mind and unlock the secrets of the universe."

- Joe, New York, NY -


"It's hard to explain in a nutshell how incredibly amazing John is, but he has literally transformed my life.  I originally met him at my children's high school as he was the PT for many of the sports teams. My daughters got to receive his help on more than one occasion. I really enjoyed getting to know him while watching the games. He was always very friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to.
A few years later I heard through friends that he was helping heal their various physical and/or emotional wounds through his practice, but it sounded a little too "hippy-dippy" for me, so I never thought to seek him out for help. Long story short, while going through my divorce and dealing with a lot of pain, both physical and emotional, I decided to give him a try. I saw him individually a few times and then joined his morning meditation group and have been going ever since. It has truly changed my life.
When I first started going to see John I was nervous, scared and a little uncomfortable because I'm not really an "earthy-crunchy, hippy dippy, meditation"  type person, and I don't mean any disrespect to people who are, I'm just not. The cool thing is though, that when I was upfront and honest with John about my feelings he totally accepted and understood them. He shared his story with me and we had a good laugh about all of it. And now I look forward to going every Friday morning. I used to be very critical, judgmental and hard on myself and through his help I've learned how harmful this behavior is and have learned how to change my thoughts. I really like how he teaches his class because he guides us through different techniques and we don't have to just "ommmm" for an hour while our mind wonders all over the Universe. (My mind still wonders though). And the other cool thing about John and his class is that I can just be completely honest with him. For example:
Me:  This stuff is so bizarre John, I don't really understand what we're doing or I don't believe this is actually going to help.
John:  It's ok Jenny, you don't have to believe it. It will help.
True story: I had a pain in my hamstring for 2 years and actually didn't want to tell John about it because I knew he'd tell me how to "heal it." Anyway, I tried to heal it on my own, stopped jogging/ playing soccer, saw a PT, did exercises, rested it, but it did not get better. So finally I decided to tell John about it in class one day and he told me why it was there and what to do to get rid of it. I told him and the entire class that I would do what he said but didn't believe it would help. We all laughed.  He told me that I didn't have to believe in it but it would help.  And no joke within a week the pain was gone. I'm still in denial that it worked but I sure love that the pain in my leg is gone. And same thing happened with a pain in my shoulder. I thought for sure I'd need surgery, talked to John about it and he told me what to do and "poof" it was gone in a few weeks.
Honestly, I don't know how this stuff works but it does and more importantly than healing these physical pains, I am restoring myself to a more healthy, happy, secure, grounded, whole person through my own therapy and through classes with John. Oh, and the other serendipitous thing is becoming close with all of the women in my group. It's so wonderful to be a part of such a loving, accepting, fun, open, honest, genuine group of women.
In short, he has helped me to love myself, not be judgmental about myself or others, become more grounded, given me ways to deal with daily stress, helped me through family issues, helped me to deal with children issues, cured physical pains, helped me in relationships, and has helped me to be a more genuine me. Once I started attending John's classes on a regular basis my friends noticed the change in me and asked what I had been doing. Of course, I told them about John and his wonderful ways!"

– Jenny -

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