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Fear is a funny thing.  It keeps us from healing. It keeps us from abundance. What we fear we attract to us. The stronger the fear the stronger the attraction.  By looking at and exploring our fears, and healing them, we create a vacuum by which our hearts desire can easily expand into.


Our body holds our fears.  When we have pain or tightness, the root cause is fear.  As we release our fear, we release the pain and tightness.  Any injury or illness is rooted in fear. That is why it is so important to explore our fears.  When you heal your fears you heal your body.  


Some people say that they know the truth but still have the pain.  What they mean is they know in their head the truth but the heart or stomach or knee does not.  The truth needs to go from the head to the part of the body in pain or with injury. 


It also works with your desires.  If you don’t have the money or the job or the relationship you really don’t want it.  Or rather, there is a part of your body that is too afraid to have it, When your heart’s desire is felt throughout your body your heart’s desire is on its way. Always.  

When we open up to exploring and feeling absolutely anything, anything can be healed.  If there is something we are not willing to look at or explore, that is often the very issue that is causing the problem.  That's why a lot of my clients who “have tried everything” without success and are willing to do and look at anything create the miracles. They are open to whatever works. That’s what it often takes.


With this approach anything can be healed, often easily, including cancer, concussions, pain and dysfunction, weight, emotional issues as well as money and relationships. Everything is energy and energy can be healed.


As we make space for healing in our body, we can then more easily create what we want as there is less fear holding us back.  We can thus create whatever our hearts desire. Our imagination and our beliefs are the only things holding us back.


The foundation to a happy life is a happy heart.  All of the things created below were done so from the heart and therefore a deeper level of joy is felt around them.  Creating what you want is always fun.  But creating what you want when your heart is light and your emotions are balanced is unbeatable.


Emotional Creations often

 include physical healing


Healing anxiety and depression


Changing relationship with

and calming fears around money


Healing strained or broken

relationships of all kinds


Knowing you are not alone, even

though you may sometimes feel lonely


A true understanding that you are

always ok and being taken care of


No longer being ruled by overwhelm


Greatly increasing overall levels of joy,

enthusiasm, laughter, and fun


Healing past traumas: physical,

 emotional and spiritual


Getting what's stuck to unstick


Allowing greater clarity and

ease in your life


Eliminating or reducing worry


Experiencing deeper fulfilment in your life


Creating a greater faith in and connection to oneself


Learning to forgive yourself and others


Being more in present time, with less

worry from future or past fears


Processing a death and healing relationships from those who have passed on


Physical Creations often

involve emotional healing


Achieving financial goals


Weight loss


Healing health issues including: cancer, sciatica, concussions, body pain, plantar fasciitis, "genetic" migraines, tendonitis, headaches, scars, fibromyalgia, arthritis


Creating more time &

relaxation for yourself


Finding a romantic partner


Getting pregnant despite

 infertility diagnoses


Career fulfilment & success


Healing injuries


Better sleep & more energy


Starting new businesses


Creating a better work environment

with co-workers and clients


Getting off anxiety or anti-depressive meds with ease and joy


Letting go of addictions


Buying and/or selling real estate easily

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